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Fair Winds of Death by Author Bill Wade

Fair Winds of Death is a moving and loaded book written by Author Bill Wade.

With a total of 494 pages, this book’s story plot takes us way back to 1971, and the Naval Investigate Service, or “NIS” as it’s better known, is nothing like the NCIS of present-day television. There are no cell phones, desktop computers, DNA, or the Internet. All the Navy and civilian personnel working for this specialized unit have to rely on are their minds. Logic, investigative skills, and experience hitting the streets are all they have to get the information they need. The work is often dangerous, and sometimes, good old-fashioned luck is the real key to sending the criminals to the brig for good.

At NIS headquarters in Washington D.C., Lieutenant Commander Marcus Colt has made a name for himself handling the country’s most unusual cases. Despite his occasional short temper and hint of sarcasm colouring his attitude, Colt is intelligent and driven to succeed. And while his behaviour sometimes complicates situations, as the top internal affairs investigator, this decorated officer is the one top Navy brass go to when no one else can handle the mission.

I highly recommend this book as the descriptive writing of the characters in the story really grabbed my interest quickly and I could not put this book down.  

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