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Who am I

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Born on August 10, 1979, RAMONA PORTELLI has been a freelance writer for these last past years, during which she has interviewed various local and foreign personalities.  Ramona started her career by interviewing local Maltese personalities such as television presenters and producers, singers and artists, as well as other important figure heads such as the Archbishop of Malta.

The life, experience and the stories of various other local female and male models, local bands, tribute artists, ex-prisoners, deejays, artists, actors, dancers and whole range of other persons, have been immortalized through Ramona’s writing.  Ramona has enhanced her portfolio by interviewing foreign celebrities such as worldwide artist and music producer – Edward Maya, Hollywood actresses Necar Zadegan and Tracie Dinwiddie, singer Baby D, Rugby player – Paul Marzella, and Australian singer Renee Cassar amongst others.

For a short period of time, Ramona Portelli was the assistant editor of the controversial magazine Playpen and part of the production team of the local television show – Str82dpoint – broadcasted on One TV.

She has interviewed local personalities for her section ‘Celebrity Interviews’ on www.kidsmalta.com – a website dedicated to parenthood, in which  personalities from the media and the political scene shared their experiences on parenthood with Ramona and her followers.

Her work is not solely limited to conducting interviews as she is lately venturing into the PR aspect.  She started by being responsible for the PR of the popular TV shows Mhux Ghal Kulhadd and Ghal Kulhadd aired on TVM, presented and produced by Clare Agius.  The professional work shown in these productions did not go un noticed as she was soon engaged by Nancy Buhagiar for taking care of the TV shows Mill-Klikka Taghna, Flimkien ma’ Nancy and Mix-Xoghol ghad-Dar which were broadcasted on ONE TV and NET TV.

Similarly, she was responsible for the PR of the television show – SHUFFLE which was presented by Jean Claude Micallef & Morena, and broadcasted on NET TV.

Currently she conducts interviews and writes articles for a number of local newspapers and magazines. These include the weekly KULLHADD newspaper published every Sunday, IT-TORCA published on Sundays, the daily newspaper L-ORIZZONT as well as contributions to the monthly magazines MUZAJK, MANIC! and WOW.

Ramona Portelli used to manage, update and promote two local websites www.manicmalta.com and www.hotel-accom.com.

As from January 2010, Ramona Portelli took charge of a new blog on www.okmalta.com, where she asks particular, interesting and sometimes cheeky questions to various local media personalities and as well foreign artists.  The direct link for this blog is http://www.okmalta.com/blog-town/

In November 2015, Ramona Portelli started conducting online blogs for MaltaTV (www.maltatvchannel.com)

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