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No Exaggeration by Author Cee Cee Evans

No Exaggeration is a book written by Author Cee Cee Evans.

With a total of 284 pages, No Exaggerationthis book’s story plot is mirroring a true story, the trials and tribulations of Catrin Thomas promise the reader a ticket to a literary roller coaster. The tales of her crazy past adventures will fascinate, scintillate and sometimes shock, whilst vying with vivid descriptions of the physical, erotic passion she shares with her soul mate, who she finally meets after having the strength to end a long term, crippled relationship. These accounts of her experiences all add to the unique ride that ‘No Exaggeration’ guarantees.

One of Catrins biggest regrets was not being able to tell her father how profoundly sorry she was for the devastating damage that she had caused him by some of her ridiculous antics over the years, will she finally achieve that ultimate wish?

Originally born in the North of England, now at the young age of sixty-two years, I live happily with my husband and an ageing pup, in a quiet rural part of Berkshire England. My passions include travelling to foreign lands, enjoying good food and wine, and of course, writing. ‘No Exaggeration’ is my debut novel and hopefully the first of many.

I really enjoyed this book as the author pictures us with Catrin’s life.  It really features the happiest of times, but also the sadness that Catrin experienced too.

A highly recommended book with a perfect engaging and quick read.

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