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An Enemy Like Me by Author Teri M. Brown

An Enemy Like Me is a powerful novel of love, war and the complexities of family and identity written by Author Teri M. Brown.

This book’s story plot is about Jacob Miller, a first-generation American, who grew up in New Berlin, a small German immigrant town in Ohio where he endured the Great Depression, met his wife, and started a family. Though his early years were not easy, Jacob believes he is headed toward his ‘happily ever after’ until a friend is sent to an internment camp for enemy combatants, and the war lands resolutely on his doorstep.

With a total of 276 pages, in An Enemy Like Me, Author Teri M. Brown uses the backdrop of World War II to show the angst experienced by Jacob, his wife, and his four-year-old son as he left for and fought in a war he did not create. She explores the concepts of xenophobia, intrafamily dynamics, and the recognition that war is not won and lost by nations, but by ordinary men and women and the families who support them.

I highly recommend this book as the descriptive writing of the characters in the story really grabbed my interest quickly and I could not put this book down.  This book literally highlights the humanity of war.

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