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Michael: My Imaginary Friend by Author Stormy Weber

Michael: My Imaginary Friend is a children’s book written by Author Stormy Weber. 

With a total of 80 pages, Michael: My Imaginary Friend is a book about Danny, Danielle Parker and their little girl Pumpkin’ live in a little Farmhouse, just outside New Haven Indiana. Pumpkin’ loves to play and explore the outside acreage. Which is, where she meets on a beautiful fall day her new friend Michael for the first time.  

A wonderful friendship between the two children begins to grow, a friendship, which is different from the perspective of her parents as neither Danny nor Danielle are able to see Pumpkin’s new friend. Imaginary, is what they call him, magically is how Pumpkin’ sees him and wonderful and heaven send is what he really is. 

All in all, I really enjoyed this book.  It’s a target book for all the parents out there, as this book can simply be a reminder, of the existence, of every child and the power of love, which is hidden deep inside any soul. 

The writing is beautiful and the storyline is simple and very character driven.  Highly recommended for both girls and boys. 


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