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Interview with Author Andy Morrissey

Andrew Morrissey went to Rhyl high School in North Wales.  He struggled in school because of his family problems at home, so he did not get many GCSEs.  He managed to gain employment in the Army in the Royal Engineers and his aim was to continue boxing and represent the army boxing team. Then, he became the Captain of the Royal Engineers boxing team and became the Royal Engineer middle weight champion. 

He found himself getting in too much trouble in the army causing him to be sent to prison. They call it the Glass house Army jail in Colchester.  After leaving the army, Andy started working on Tower cranes in London and Liverpool for a couple of years, then he wanted to be closure to home so started working for Bryn Thomas crane hire on mobile cranes for a short period and then he had a tragic accident on the way home from work.

so he changed companies to Bob Francis crane hire  in Rhyl his home town. After about one year, he lost his driving licence, so he started working offshore 17 years ago. 

He stated off as a Roustabout and gaining promotion to Derrickman in only 18 months offshore.  He then broke his foot on the rig floor and this caused him to change his job and go back on the cranes.  Since then, he has worked all over the world for all the big Offshore Drilling companies – Transocean, Petrolia Drilling, Stena Drilling, Seadrill, Rowan Drilling and Pacificdrilling.  Working for these companies he came across some of the best people he could ever met, but he also came across some of the biggest back stabbing bastards he has ever had the displeasure of working with. 

He had many ups and downs and made hundreds of thousands of pounds bought 5 houses and lived the dream life in Marbella, but all came crashing down and he lost everything. 

What was the most challenging aspect of writing this book?

I never thought for one minute I could write a book, but when I was going home my friends would say to me you could write a book about all the shit that has gone on in your life.  So, a couple of years ago in the middle of the covid pandemic, I very fortunate to game a job in the wind form industry on a cable laying vessel. I was the night shift crane op with not a lot of work to do on night shift so I just sat down and started writing. 

I am dyslexic and thing wasn’t making sense I was struggling so I decided to get a ghost writer to help me finish writing my book.

 I started a new relationship but when I got to certain points in the book I knew soon as she read the book that the relationship wouldn’t last I knew she wouldn’t like what I wrote but I also knew I had a story to tell I thought if she could see past it, I thought it is my past and what is meant to be will be and she’ll stay with me.

Unfortunately Claire ended the relationship. 

I loved Claire more than anything in the world, but  she didn’t like what she read about my past.   Also talking about Army days, the person I speak about John has fallen out with me too he didn’t want people to know his past even though I have not named him. This is a big lose for me as he is my best friend and I hope one day he will come round and understand my story.

I knew this would happen and it does hurt me that I’ve lost two very close people, but this is only the beginning for me I know where I’m heading people come and go on your life. 

I read this quote the other day. 

Your new life is going to cost you your old one. 

Its going to cost you your comfort zone and your sense of direction. 

It’s going to cost you relationships and Friends.

Its going to cost you being liked, and understood.

But it doesn’t matter. 

Because the people who are meant for you are going to meet you on the other side. 

And you are going to build a new comfort zone around the things that actually move you forward. 

And instead of liked. You’re going to be seen.

All you’re going to lose is what was built for a person you no longer are.

Let it go. 

What is your normal procedure to get your books published?

This is my first book. I was very lucky I was on the rig in Holland and I met a guy Called Billy who was also writing a book and I told him I just finished writing my book and I am looking for a publisher because the  one I found was too expensive he told me he was using Ken Scott from Guttenburg publishers they are very good and less expensive.

So, I use them to publish my book.

What’s the best way to market your books?

I was lucky the worldwide magazine energy voice seen my post on LinkedIn 

And they wrote and article in their magazine and posted it on LinkedIn.

That was the first step to get in my book seen with a-wider audience.

Then my local paper in Rhyl wrote and article. 

Followed by the regional paper Daily post North Wales and a National paper in Scotland.  This was all very good marketing for my book. 

How hard or easy is it to establish and maintain a career in writing?

I don’t know how hard it is all I know is that I had a story to write and it took me two years to finish my book what I will say is if you think you have a story just sit down and write put it down on paper keep writing and if you find it hard get help with a Ghostwriter now that I have done one book I’m certainly gonna do more I have three more books I’m planning to do I am halfway through my second book I don’t know about a career as it’s more than a hobby too me.

What is your advice for aspiring writers?

My advice would be to sit down take your time start writing and get it out there I am actually overwhelmed with how good my book is doing it’s been out five weeks and I’ve sold over 500 books 

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