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Interview with Author Diane Bostick

Diane Bostick was born in Glen Cove, Long Island and migrated with the family to Syracuse, New York. Her early writing was evident from poems her mom found stashed away between pages of books and English papers graded A+. In High School and college, she quickly distinguished herself as an avid thespian, essay, poetry and freelance writer, singer, and director.

Before travelling to Florida to pursue her love of acting and singing, she won the Ag Radio Song contest, a Bud lite comedy award, and had written an operetta in cooperation with a composer trained at the Mozarteum in Austria. Her work was produced by the Syracuse Opera Club and excerpts of the libretto (Cartazan) were performed throughout Europe with various orchestras. Closer to home, she produced her first book of poetry,” Naked Feathers” (2006, I Universe Press), and held presentations with proceeds going to domestic violence education.

In both New York and Florida, Diane discovered another passion and talent, drama workshops for children. She was assistant director for Showtime for Kids in Weston Florida (youth summer camp) and presented many programs in Central New York School systems including A Victorian Christmas, a costumed historical show with talkback. In 2019, Diane lost a brother to suicide and inherited the family home in Dewitt, NY. While cleaning the house, she inherited a large collection of her brother’s artwork (he was a comic sketch artist and graphic designer), and many story notes from the year 1947, written by her father.  In 2020 she established her own publishing company, My Small One Books, and has taken suggestions from the notes left and published two children’s stories on Amazon, (Santa’s Choice and Reindeer Training, The Gift of Sun Lee ) and three more are in the loop to be published later in the year.

Tell me about your latest book

The Gift of Sun Lee explores life of an eleven-year-old Chinese girl, Sun Lee. She lives in a hut with her father in post-World War 2 Shanghai, China. When she goes to Mission Bible School, she brings a bible and American Customs home with her. This is a challenge to her traditional Chinese father who lost his wife unexpectedly and does his best to reenforce traditional Chinese customs and religion. Sun Lee wants to give the ‘holy one ‘a gift for Christmas. In the process of her secret plan, a one-legged beggar is fed, and Sun Lee’s father wins new respect for his determined daughter. For ages 9-12, faith based. And the book comes with discussion questions, coloring pages and an improvised play outline. A great teaching resource stimulating discussion of commitment, faith, and hope as it applies to characters in the book and in the student’s own life.

What was the most challenging aspect of writing this book?

I was challenged to find a setting that corresponded to the time period, and since it is a faith-based book, determining what exact content discussion questions and play sheet should include. I normally first need to be 100 % sure, the book is the best quality I can offer. I have found al my own illustrators so far, and I make notes for all illustrations before I send the story and get rough images before the final color ones are done. Copy right and ISBN are the first stops on the way to Ingram Spark and Amazon.

What is your normal procedure to get your book published?

So, then I have a helper for national posting, posting to groups, (interviews) Instagram, Facebook. This is the first year I put effort into events. Last Year, my book didn’t come out until later October, and as a Christmas title, so I didn’t get much traction. I have yet to consider launches or go fund me for book printing revenue and costs. Between events, and now some local shops that will take the books, and also some connections around the country, my path is pretty much self-publish.

Do you view writing as a spiritual practice?

Very much of the process seems almost automatic and it comes from Spirit. There is a flow and I feel my family is around me, even though they are gone from this earth plane.

How many books have you written so far?

Here are my books so far, Naked Feathers(poetry) , Santa’s Choice and Reindeer Training (children 3-8), The Gift of Sun Lee (children 9-12

What’s the best way to market your books?

I believe the best way to market to put your passion in the reading at events, engage with creative and interesting and consistent ways to engage on social media and in interviews, have a behind scenes look at writing on a dedicated author website, know your target audience, and enlist the help to make this whole package one that stands out and becomes a reader’s must have.

How hard or easy is it to establish and maintain a career in writing?

I don’t have a full-time career in writing, to build towards that is what I do. To establish, you need rock solid niche, to understand what eyes will be most interested in your book. To find online players that can add to your journey, not detract from it. To have a highly individualized author page, and brand image across social media. To have a unqiue logo. All this to establish yourself among the many.

What is your advice for aspiring writers?

I would advise aspiring writers to first just start writing. You can’t be worried about marketing or publishing while you are creating. You’re editing and spending and analysis comes later. While you are creating find your team. It can start as a husband or a friend. Get eyes on your work, after one complete finish. Get used to editors, a critical eye early. But don’t bring anyone in until you have poured all your creative fire and intelligence inside. Be inspired but get tough.

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