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Blaze In, Blaze Out by Author Joseph Lewis

Blaze In, Blaze Out is a book written by Author Joseph Lewis.  It’s all about suspense, action, intrigue, murder and mayhem.

With a total of 321 pages, this book features the three cops who have appeared in the author’s other work. Two of the cops testify against and help put in prison the head of a crime family. They thought it was the ending, but it was only the beginning. From his prison cell, the crime lord orders a hit on the two cops, not only endangering their lives, but their families and several of the boys from the adopted family.

Working with a joint multi-law enforcement task force, Detective Pat O’Connor infiltrated a Ukrainian crime family headed by Dmitry Andruko. O’Connor and his control, Detective Paul Eiselmann, were the linchpins in the guilty verdict. The two detectives thought it was over, but it was only the beginning. Eiselmann planned for a quiet weekend with his family at home. O’Connor planned on heading to Northern Wisconsin for a fishing trip with another cop, Detective Jamie Graff, and four teenage adopted brothers. But Andruko is ruthless and vindictive. From his prison cell, he hires two contract killers to kill both O’Connor and Eiselmann and anyone else in the way. The killers can be anyone. The killers could be anywhere, and the killers could strike at any time. The quiet weekend for Eiselmann, and the short vacation for O’Connor, turn into a deadly nightmare as O’Connor’s and Eiselmann’s lives and the lives of the four boys are in peril.

I really enjoyed reading this book, and truly recommend it to all.  It’s literally well written, crafted and a definite page turner.


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    Thank you for the great review!.

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