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Interview with Author Robin Smith

Robin Smith is a four-time published author, speaker, blogger and host of Perfume Ink, a women’s discipleship podcast available on Apple and Spotify podcasts. She serves as a Harvest Ministry Partner at her church in leading people to Christ in salvation, the infilling of the Holy Spirit, water baptism, membership and prayer. She is the daughter of the King. She is redeemed, forgiven, loved and highly favored. As a book author and speaker, she writes and speaks about living life to the fullest with confidence in the fragrance aroma of Christ.  A perfumer and creative artist, Robin is the founder of Tabahani Fragrances, an online Christian-based perfumery.  She is a recently active duty retired Air Force veteran and resides in Houston, Texas with her son.

Despite the humble beginnings growing up in poverty, she was raised in the church in a devout Christian home where her mother was a Sunday school teacher and father a minister. Being raised by her parents to keep God first and center, Robin Smith found her voice in the form of words and started writing at the age of six. She won her first Young Author’s competition in second grade with a book entitled, The Little Girl Who Went to Heaven, laying the foundation for her future writing successes.  Her first published book, Perfumed Letters was a blessing to many women, and it inspired the creation of her upscale perfume boutique, Tabahani Fragrances.

Robin’s lifetime interest is to leave a legacy of impact by bringing glory to the kingdom of God and honor to her family.  She enlisted in the active-duty United States Air Force after high school traveling the world and has spent over 20 years training and excelling in areas of leadership, discipline, management, and resiliency. She would like to inspire, influence, and help transform the lives of others to become the best versions of themselves and she does this with a heart of servitude to all by demonstrating the love of Christ.

Tell me more about your latest book

Faith and Fragrance is a devotional about what it means to be the fragrance of Christ and how to wear it daily in every area of life. I took the aspect of equating perfume with character. Whenever we put on our favorite scents, be it perfume or cologne, it’s never just for us.  Fragrance intentionally changes the atmosphere wherever we go, and the scent leaves an impression about the wearer, proposing to anyone who smells the scent to take notice and make a decision. Perfume evokes response.  So it is with wearing the fragrance of Christ which is the fragrance of life and by upgrading our fragrance wardrobe we draw the presence of God in our lives and invite others to experience Him. The book teaches that believers have a responsibility to emit the fragrant character of life in Christ as in the fragrance of love, showing love to others in word and deed, living life with a pure heart, moving forward from shame wearing beauty for ashes of our pain because of being forgiven by Christ.  There are thirty-one fragrances that give full attention to wearing the captivating scent of Christ in which the reader learns not only what fragrances to wear, but those to discard or avoid. Faith and Fragrance also teaches how to get in alignment with the will of God and how God delights in the scent of our prayers. The overall message of the book is to show the reader how to diffuse the sweet fragrance of Christ by practical application in daily life and to go deeper in your faith walk with Christ. It will change your perspective on perfume!

What was the most challenging aspect of writing this book?

The most challenging part of writing this book was taking what metaphorically could be a tsunami of fragrances and narrowing it down to 31 days, one for each day. 

What is your normal procedure to get your books published?

With the exception of my first book, Perfumed Letters, I decided to self-publish all others future works.  My procedure for getting published is fairly simple. Sometimes I am inspired by something random like a shopping experience at WalMart or an idea that may come from a run in the morning or most times, the idea is derived from personal devotion or Bible study with the Lord.  After the conception of the idea, I literally have to write the title and the table of contents first.  The title and the contents may change, but it’s always a good starting point for me. After writing my book, I reach out to my team; editor, book cover manager, beta reader and finally the formatting editor to ensure the final version is ready for e-book (all are on by the way).  After receipt of those files, I upload and publish to Amazon. 

Do you view writing as a kind of spiritual practice?

Yes, I believe that writing is a spiritual practice.  Writing is a breath of fresh air for the mind to just let it out and let go, releasing truth, private thoughts, imaginations, seeking to fill curiosity and a great way to heal.  Writing is a wonderful outlet. 

How many books have you written so far?

I have written six books to include a journal.

The Little Girl Who Went to Heaven

Perfumed Letters

Discover Your Signature Fragrance in Christ

Faith and Fragrance, a 31 Day Devotional

The Fragrance Journal for Perfume Lovers and Cologne Connoisseurs

Want Real Beauty Sleep?  Rest in the Lord

Praying for Your Child’s Father

What’s the best way to market your books?

I find the best way to market my books is via social media platforms, vendor shows and conferences (that are specifically catered to women).  Word of mouth has been awesome too! 

How hard or easy is it to establish and maintain a career in writing?

I would say it’s challenging but not impossible. It can be easy for those who have literary agents and major publishing companies at their disposal.  For the rest of us, it’s good ole’ fashioned hard work and a do-it-yourself team you put together. You may have to get your hands dirty and go freelance, look for writing opportunities, guest blogger and magazine contributions but every little bit helps, you just have to have the mindset and the patience that your writing career will all work out for your good.

What is your advice for aspiring writers?

My advice for aspiring writers is to never give up. Giving up should never be an option.  A completed book feels wonderful, and the positive reviews afterwards can be the icing on the cake.  However, negative reviews will rear their ugly heads and after all that hard work, it can hurt to the core when an individual rips apart all your hard work.  I remember taking one negative review so personally, I quit writing for seven years. Yes, that had a huge effect on me.   I questioned God.  I questioned myself and my writing ability.  It took a while, but I decided to take the perspective that one, the book wasn’t meant for them and two, a negative review is still publicity because others may want to challenge it, read the book and form their own opinion. Three, God gave me this ability and it’s meant to be a blessing for someone. My advice is to keep on writing, even if it’s a just line on a restaurant napkin. 

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