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Dark Skinhead Chronicles: The Punk Rock Years 1988-2006

Dark Skinhead Chronicles: The Punk Rock Years 1988-2006 by Author Mick Sinclair is book one from The Dark Punk Chronicles.

With a total of 233 pages, this book predates ‘Escape From Stalag Luft Kernow’ by several years and is still written in the same style, but in diary form for the majority of it. Once again, it is partially written in slang and this time Author Mick Sinclair thought it’d be a good idea to have a fun ‘glossary of terms’ in the forward.

This book’s story plot is about the story of 18 years of the author’s experience of punk rock life and gigs as told in diary form and from a black person’s perceptive. Some of it is brutal, some of it will bring a tear to your face, but all mixed with his savage sarcastic humour.

It welcomes each reader to the world of 1990’s London and British punk rock. And once again this is a viewpoint seen from the eyes of a non-Caucasian. Not just the music, but a more darker side to the scene-the sheer hypocrisy of some of the people within the scene, the violence that sometimes attached itself to it, and even worse, bigotry and racism which would often go unnoticed by a lot of people, and the trouble with rubbish relationships.

‘Dark Skinhead Chronicles: The Punk Rock Years 1988-2006’ is written in a style mixing tragedy with sarcastic humour. It’s also a history book in many ways if you wanted to know another side of late 80’s/1990’s punk rock as a music alternative.

This book appeal to all sorts of readers and I look forward for more books in this series. I really recommend this book and hope that many people will find some joy in reading it like I did.

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