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Magic Islands by Author Irene Edwards

Magic Islands is a children’s book written by Author Irene Edwards.  It is also the first book in the Magic Islands Books. 

This book’s story plot is when a magical wish on a Conch shell whisks Stefan and Megan away from their Welsh coastline beach to the Magic Islands, the children feel lost and are quite unsure of their new environment. They have become marooned. Stefan and Megan follow two witches, Mogul and Drot to Wish-What Castle. They meet Nester the Jester, his strange pet – a dragon named Vanhalen, Ambrosious, the Wizard of the magical Enchanted Forest, Eglador, their guide, the Aliens of the Heavens known as the Purple Wizards, Gorad the teacher, and the Valendor Elves

With a total of 292 pages, I really recommend this book – Magic Islands.  I would definitely be looking forward to more books by Irene Edwards.

The writing is beautiful and the storyline simple and very character driven.  I really adored it and highly recommend this book.

The ‘Magic Islands’ books were the only books selected for text resources for the KS2 English Curriculum by Bright Educational Consultancy, for use out in the Schools in England and to assist in teacher training.

The books are also being translated into the Welsh Language for children’s use in Wales.

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