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Interview with Author Richa Verma

Author Richa Verma is an Indian author currently living in Hungary. With a creative mind and an eye for jewellery, she enjoys creating exclusive designs.

A love for children blossomed into Richa’s desire to become a teacher. Her tenderness and care towards young children emerged as a passion for working with these little angels. This Teaching has become a way for Richa to understand the unique way in which a child’s brain works, inspiring her to create fun-filled stories and educational activity books. Richa enjoys creating books based on distinct themes, helping young brains grasp knowledge within specific areas.

Besides these passions, Richa enjoys creating handmade postcards for various festivities around the world. She enjoys holding art & craft lessons for young people. Richa also loves to read, take nature walks, and listen to music.

Fun became PASSION.

Passion took a STEP further.

A step taken led to EXPLORATION.

Exploration brought new IDEAS.

Ideas shaped into an EFFORT.

The effort built into a DREAM.

The dream finally came TRUE!

Tell me more about your latest book

My latest book, ‘All About Me’, is a Keepsake Activity book, which every child aged between 3-8 years would enjoy spending their time creatively. This book would help children enhance their creative skills to their fullest, giving them the freedom of expression. ‘All About Me’ is a one-of-a-kind keepsake; every parent will want to preserve their children’s work forever. The sing-a-long poems lead with each activity would keep the children going until the ending hymn while drawing and colouring. The book will allow children to express their feelings, thoughts and ideas in a fun format. Simultaneously, it provides parents with the opportunity to learn about and connect with their child(ren).

What was the most challenging aspect of writing this book?

Having a creative mind makes it easy for me to visualise the finishing book I would like to have. However, the most challenging part of completing the book was designing the book, keeping every aspect in mind from a young adult’s perspective. Especially while penning down the sing-a-long poems had been challenging, as I had to create them from a very general prospect. Once I overcame this side of the book, the next challenge was to make the Cover Page. It had been difficult to get my idea created by Illustrator, not being artistic from the drawing aspect.

What is your standard procedure to get your books published?

My standard procedure to get my books published will start from getting my book edited by a professional, leading to getting it illustrated, and the last stage of formatting the text before submitting it on Amazon KDP and to the printers.

Do you view writing as a kind of spiritual practice?

I love children, and creating something fun-filled and enjoyable had always been giving me peace. Peace within my Heart, Peace within my Mind, and Peace within my Soul! Hence, we can say that writing my books is a kind of spiritual practice for me.

How many books have you written so far?

So far I have written twelve books, out of which my three books are all set to be published.

The Twelve books written until now are:

  • Spring is Here! (Storybook)
  • My A-Z Sound Book (Activity Book)
  • All About Me (Keepsake Activity Book)
  • Adril’s Adventure at the Farm (Storybook)
  • See Me Grow! (Keepsake Book)
  • All About My Existence! (Keepsake book for Pregnant Women)
  • My 5 Senses Booklet (Activity Book)
  • My Tastebuds (Activity Book)
  • How I feel about Touching (Activity Book)
  • Vegetables Emotional Basket (Activity Book)
  • The Christmas Deed (Storybook)
  • Animal’s World (Activity Book)

Out of these Twelve Books, the Three Books ready to be Published are:

  • Spring is Here! (Storybook)
  • My A-Z Sound Book (Activity Book)
  • All About Me (Keepsake Activity Book)

What’s the best way to market your books?

  • Social Media
  • Building your relations with your clients
  • Spreading the word around through Friends & Family
  • Hosting & taking part in Book fairs
  • Visiting School/Kindergarten
  • Book Launching Party
  • Organising some Read-a-loud Sessions

How hard or easy is it to establish and maintain a career in writing?

Well, My career is still on the verge of the beginning stage. I have all my confidence in my dream!

What is your advice for aspiring writers?

Being myself a newbie and still on the learning stage, I can just say one thing, ‘Believe in yourself, Believe in your Dreams!’

Don’t let your fear overrule your DREAMS!

Ask, Ask & Ask. Whosoever, Whomsoever, Wheresoever. Just ask whatever is on your mind.

As I firmly believe,

“Learning never has an end.


It’s just the beginning”….

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www.verimollycuddle  (under progress, launching soon)

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