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Chablis: I Can Now Breathe by Author Gentille One

Chablis: I Can Now Breathe by Author Gentille One who is always seeking to live in a world where a person’s gifts, talents and hard work are met with unlimited opportunities.

With a total of 402 pages and published by Page Publishing, Inc., Chablis: I Can Now Breathe story plot is about the smell of the ocean encourages one to have a peaceful state of mind. The cadets were exchanging stories about all the single and handsome Mortelle Agents especially the ones that peaked their interest. Fawn laid comfortably on a beach towel stretched out across white sand far away from her friends. She was not up to adult chatter especially about men that were training them. She brought books to read that had nothing to do with crime or anything else that required her to think. She left all electronics inside her duffle bag in the hotel room. The surrounding air was crisp and fresh. Fawn was envisioning herself running along the shore line. And possibly hunting for seashells to put inside her small aquarium that she was currently working on.

The writing of this book is beautiful and the storyline simple and very character driven.  I highly recommend this beautiful story, as I could not put this book down.

Moreover, this book has a lot going for it, good characters, and a decent plot.
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    I thank you for your timely response. The book Chablis I Can Now Breathe is a sequel to Trahison Why Weren’t We the Chosen Ones? Like most fictional writers. I enjoy cultivating my characters and after a while. They become life like. Typically if a reader enjoys suspense, mysterious occurrences and love triangles then I am your author.

    Anjunette L Washington : Gentille One

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