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The Unwelcome Stranger by Valerie Cullers

The Unwelcome Stranger is author Valerie Cullers first historical fiction novel.

For the author the most challenging aspect of writing this historical novel was the research.  She spent months reading about the aspects of Roman life, the life of Constantine, the city of Ravenna in the early fourth century and the state of Christianity at that time.

With a total of 181 pages, The Unwelcome Stranger this book’s story plot is around early in the Fourth Century A.D., when it was a perilous time to be a Christian. Things are about to change as Constantine, the Caesar from the north, has invaded Italia and is about to march on Rome. Livia Arvum, a young grieving widow, is unaware of how these events will soon touch her life. Lucius Marius, a Senatorial Legate, is racing towards Rome with news of Constantine’s plans when he is knocked off his chariot because of the Arvum’s sheep. Recuperating in their home, he becomes infatuated with Livia and decides she is the recompense he wants for the injuries he has sustained. Come join Livia on her journey as she leaves her home and finds God’s unexpected provision for her.

I really enjoyed this wonderful book with a great story of love and faith.  Also I was really obsessed with experiencing the weaving of hope, loss and love in the lives of people you will come to really care about while reading this book.

A highly recommended book and a very well written work of fiction.

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  1. this book is beautiful with a great story of love and faith. It also helps my soul because it is always difficult.

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