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Interview with Author Tawana Roquall Fultz

Author Tawana Roquall Fultz is the author of Unconditional, The Innocence, Betrayals and Growing Pains.

This is a tell-all book based on truth, and is being shared to bring forth another perception and understanding of how life and trauma can change you from one day to another. The innocence, betrayals, and growing pains ultimately shaped and led her to a more positive and intentional lifestyle of total gratefulness. She was born into a very poor and dysfunctional family with abusive, poverty-minded, and criminal drug-related behaviors. Where prostitution and hustling in the streets was practiced, mastered, and “professionalized” before the age of twenty-one. Although the childhood rapes, a failed prison marriage, and four children by four different men left her thoughts of the future unknown, she miraculously, through God’s unconditional love and grace, continued to strive and fight to survive a life that was sure to destroy her before she ever finished college. Roquall was her name, and naïve was her game… in the beginning.

Spirit-Filled with the Gift of Speaking in Tongues and continuously learning how to live Holy before the Lord, Tawana Roquall Fultz, born September 12, 1973, served as an AmeriCorps member in her community’s homeless shelter soup kitchens, Focus Hope Food for Seniors, Youth Impact Programs, and Higher Learning and Community Development for Non-Profit Organizations all over the Metro Detroit Area.

After a car accident in 2020, she developed her own product invention. Eventually, she started her own company called “B-ABLE PRODUCTS, LLC”, and begin writing self-help books to encourage people all over the world.

Today, as the Lord continues to reveal and heal, she will continue to be a living sacrifice in hopes that someone will read her story and make better decisions for the right reasons according to the word of God. Moreover, hoping that awareness brings possible next steps for another to be restored back into their natural and healthy state of mind in which God has created.

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Psalms 66:16 KJV

 “Come and listen, all you who fear God, and I will tell you what he did for me.”

Everyone has made plenty of mistakes and took a few wrong turns in life. This book is a compilation of real-life experiences, circumstances, and situations that most people are afraid to speak about truthfully. Filled with the most unconditional ways to survive city life and dysfunctional practices that were overcome by the word of God, it is meant to bring awareness and inspire those living in unhealthy environments.

I believe if someone is brave enough to tell the God’s honest truth concerning their life, tests, trials, as well as their successes, it ultimately gives another a real opportunity to identify what needs to be healed or restored in their own lives. Sharing my story may cost me my family, friends, associates, image, and maybe even my reputation thus far, but I am prayerful for all those concerned that God may give you wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

The truth is necessary, and I hope those who read my story will be able to identify and have compassion for a young girl who was looking for unconditional love in all the wrong places.

What was the most Challenging aspect of writing this book?

Having to relive the different forms of abuse and abandonment issue triggers for sure.

What is the normal procedure to get your books published?

I began the writing and editing process first, then prepare the book cover.  Publish on many sites while promoting and marketing throughout the entire process. Moreover, lots of Prayer and patience during the reviewing stages.

Do you view writing as a kind of spiritual practice?

No, not a spiritual practice but definitely a spiritual experience filled with revelation and growth.

How many books have you written so far?

So far, one.

Unconditional, The Innocence, Betrayals and Growing Pains

By: Tawana Roquall Fultz,  

What’s the best way to market your book?

Online Marketing and Social Media Sites

How hard or easy is it to establish and maintain a career in writing?

It was relatively easy to write, provided the necessary tools. Because I am a new Author, just now working on my second book, I will definitely make sure to reflect on this in the near future and share as well.

What is your favorite advice for aspiring writers?

Stop procrastinating and get it going! Fight the writer’s block, engage again and always leave a review and support one another as much as possible.

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