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Interview with Author Angelica R. Clark

34 years old, Author Angelica Clark has two beautiful girls, a toy poodle named Teddy P. and she is a children’s book author focusing on mindfulness and positive mindsets! Born and raised in Monroe, Louisiana.  She received a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Moved to Dallas, GA in 2012 and found her way back home to Louisiana in 2015. She worked in the corporate world for 12 years and acquired a skill in finance. Been married and divorced!  Her life during that time was very rewarding and very difficult. The difficulties led her to look within and find herself, peace and happiness.  Angelica started journaling and reciting positive affirmations to speak life back into her life.  She also spoke those affirmations to her girls. It was then that she realized that she could do this for other kids, so started writing the affirmations down and that’s how the idea of making a journal for kids began! 

Tell me more about your latest book 

I Am Me is a journal of positive affirmations that promotes self love, inspiration, and confidence in children ages 4-11. The journal includes five Mindfulness Exercises, and twenty positive thinking affirmations that will assist children in learning how to embrace their individual authenticity without apology. I wanted to speak life into our children during these tough times we face in the world.

What was the most challenging aspect of writing this book?

The most challenging aspect was choosing the affirmations and only choosing twenty! I had a total of about 200 positive affirmations to choose from and I loved them all! I put into consideration of my audience’s age range and that helped a lot with choosing the affirmations that are in the journal. The affirmations that I loved the most but did not choose were included in the journal front cover…, which is my thumbprint and my handwriting!

What is your normal procedure to get your books published?

I wanted to self publish, so I opened a publishing company. I went through the Louisiana procedures of opening a business. I hired two editors at different phases of the writing process and got it published! I had some awesome family members and friends to review along the way as well. Do you view writing as a kind of spiritual practice? Not necessarily spiritual practice but healing. The affirmations that I chose were affirmations I wished I had learned and told myself as a child in the age range of the journal. Nonetheless, the affirmations helped me heal childhood wounds that I carried over into adulthood. It was a very healing experience writing this journal. 

How many books have you written so far?

I have written 4 all together. One is published, one is in illustration phase, and the last two are in brainstorming and mapping phase. 

1. I Am Me: a Journal of Positive Affirmations for Kids is published and available for purchase. 

2. I Am Me: a Journal of Positive Affirmations for Teens is in the last stages of illustration. This journal is the same journal as the kids but for teens aged 12-18. I have plans to have it published and available for purchase by the end of summer, 2021. It has the same affirmations but has 5 days of writing for each affirmation and Mindfulness Exercises unlike the Kids’ journal which has 2 days of writing. The questions for the Teens’ journal as little more complex and the Mindfulness Exercises have more steps in teaching meditation and grounding.

3. Dear Brown Girl is another journal that I plan to format the same way as the I Am Me journals. This journal however will be directed specifically to people of color. There will be no specific age range for this journal. I am currently in the “difficult” phase of choosing the right affirmations from many. This Journal was inspired by the experiences of inequality and pure racism towards people of color witnessed by the world.

4. Dear Brown Boy is another journal that I plan to format the same way as the I Am Me journals. This journal will also be directed specifically to people of color. Like Dear Brown Girl, there will be no specific age group. I am currently researching and making sure I chose the correct affirmations that will speak life into brown boys/men around the world. This Journal was also inspired by the experiences of inequality and pure racism towards people of colour witnessed by the world. I am taking my time with this journal because of the direct impact of racism towards boys and men of color.  What’s the best way to market your books? In this day and age…., social media is the best way to market. Social Media connects everybody!

How hard or easy is it to establish and maintain a career in writing?

I don’t focus on whether it is hard or easy. I focus on my goal, which is to reach children and help heal. I set up milestones and reach them no matter what or how long. I keep my focus because it is my life’s purpose!

What is your advice for aspiring writers?

Keep pushing! Stays focused on your purpose and never give up. It’s not about reaching millions but reaching the people it’s meant to reach. Don’t ever focus on the negativity or you won’t finish the mission.   

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    So very proud of the woman and mother you are. Nothing can hold you back. Keep moving forward. Love you

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