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Escape From Stalag Luft Kernow by Author James Christie

Escape From Stalag Luft Kernow by Author James Christie is an interesting book that features the author’s story, as told through the eyes of a non-Caucasian. Written partly in slang, and written from the heart, this does not mince words and maybe some will find it disturbing or offensive or even hilarious.

With a total of 172 pages, to many people Cornwall, in the extreme south west of England, is the perfect holiday destination.  However, there is a darker, more sinister underbelly to Cornish life the tourists will never experience.

Leading up to and between 2009 and 2012, Author James Christie spent time in a county in a region of England that he found was more repressed, more insular with people so ignorant it defied imagination.

It narrates the author’s story – first of all being a horticulture student in Exeter, Devon, and then later on leaving his home city of London for good to try and start a new life in Cornwall, along the way having a series of disastrous relationships as well as facing ignorance and bigotry on a scale he thought unimaginable.

I really liked the fact that this book with all the author’s work – this is told from a non-Caucasian perspective, so some of the content in the book, although mixed in parts with savage wit and sarcastic humour, will be disturbing and upsetting. It exposes how certain people in society can be exploitive, manipulative and just simply vile.

All in all, this is our world’s reality. I quite enjoyed this book, I literally read it in one week.  Highly recommended.

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