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Born Again by Vaso Eleftheriou

Born Again is a novel – first part of a trilogy by Author Vaso Eleftheriou.

With a total of 501 pages, and published by OnTime Books, this book’s story plot is about Raphaella Adamidou who returns to Larnaca, Cyprus, from New York to run the “Black Diamond,” her Uncle Dimitris’ oil company. Sheikh Al-Raya gave it to him in token of his gratitude for saving his only son, Kalem-Halid Al Raya, from an attempt on his life.Before the murderer dies, he mumbles some incomprehensible words, such as “the myrrh, the gold, the frankincense…the Red Mantle…the Golden Phoenix…”What is the Sheikh’s great secret and what is really going on with the mysterious Blue Rose?

Just finished this book and really enjoyed this novel. Overall a very good debut novel and I would certainly be interested in reading any future novels by Vaso Eleftheriou.

I highly recommend this book to any reader who enjoys smart, character driven books.


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