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The No Trolls Allowed Guidebook by Kerry Orchard

The No Trolls Allowed Guidebook is a colourful children’s book written by Author Kerry Orchard with comical illustrations by Roberto Gonzalez.

With a total of 32 pages, this book’s story plot is about Jackson who has the answer to some questions raised in this book.  Have you ever wondered what happened to your lost mitten, or all those pencils that vanish from your desk, your missing snack, and sometimes even your whole lunch kit that just seem to disappear in the classroom? Jackson has the answer, and it may surprise you – trolls!

Trolls hide in your classroom because they love school! Not because they want to learn, oh no, they just love to snack on everything a classroom has to offer and make a noisy, ruckus! Join Jackson as she guides you through the “No trolls allowed guidebook ” where she teaches you how to deal with the chaos that trolls cause. The advice in the guidebook can help sensitive students tune out boisterous trolls. With the step by step advice on how to keep calm, you can keep the trolls at bay. So remember the KATS (kids against trolls in school) motto and steps so you can always keep safe from trolls! 

I really enjoyed this children’s book.  It is definitely a fast and fun read.  This book appeals to all sorts of readers especially targeted to age group between 5 and 10 years.

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