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Consistently Mediocre by Michael Knapp

Consistently Mediocre by Author Michael Knapp is a compilation book of stories, anecdotes, and experiences that the author himself has been the cause of, the result of, the victim of, a witness to, and a part of. They are all true.

Some are unbelievable, some are unrealistic, and some are just a part of everyday life. However, every one of them, in some way, shape, or form, gave Author Michael Knapp the lessons, the knowledge, and experience he has hopefully passed on to others.

With a total of 136 pages, Consistently Mediocre is not a self-help book or success manual. It is not a how-to book by any means. It is, however, real-life experiences and stories that hopefully will let you look at things a little differently, change your perception, and show you how to apply it not only to your business, but to your everyday life.

I would highly recommend reading Consistently Mediocre as I really enjoyed reading this book.  It provides a clear cut and honest approach on how to run a successful business with values.  I liked the fact, especially now during Covid-19 struggles – that it motivates you to keep working on yourself regardless of the hurdles life has thrown at you.

Literally I could not put this book down.  Such a great book for business owners or anyone interested in learning something.

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