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From the Middle to the East by Dua Fakhereddin

From the Middle to the East by Author Dua Fakhereddin is a cultural guide book.

It was written with passion by Dua herself and narrates her story of how she lived in a wonderful place and had an exciting life. But the pace of her lifestyle was too fast and became too stressful that she almost lost my life.  Thus, she decided to make a change, a huge one, and this is how Dua moved from the Middle to the East.

With a total of 74 pages and published by Beauty and the Beast Publishing Ltd., From the Middle to the East serves as a cultural guide for others to gain a better understanding of the Middle East, its culture and what it’s like to live in Australia.

This book can also serve as a guide to educate others from the Middle East to move to Australia.

Besides being helpful for people in Australia, this book helps understand different culture.  The Australians have a tendency to hold an aversion to anything they consider different, so in that aspect, Dua’s book is useful and can be used for education purposes. 

I could not put this book down.  It tells a truly beautiful willing story full of mixed feelings that is fantastically written.  Social media also played an important role in this book’s real story plot.  This book will appeal to all sorts of readers and I look forward to more books by Dua Fakhereddin.

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