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Kinmel Revisited by Robert James Bridge

Kinmel Revisited by Author Robert James Bridge is a Canadian historical fiction story.

This book’s story plot is about the author who moves into a house in Abergele and finds documents in his loft. They are the writings of Captain George Sawley about the events at Kinmel Camp in 1919 where several thousand Canadian soldiers were waiting to go home.

Author Robert James Bridge tells the story in the voice of Captain George Sawley, a decent and moral man, who had empathy with the Canadians and was suffering the effects of post-war trauma himself.

I was so completely hooked with this historical story and absolutely love the main characters, even though it was a fascinating yet tragic read. If I did not read this book, I would not be aware of all this Canadian fantastic history. Kinmel Revisited is a good and interesting tale – truly recommended.

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