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Interview with Author Verlaine Crawford

Author Verlaine Crawford is a visionary, inspirational speaker, and counsellor who is a successful businesswoman and has studied psychology, philosophy, and spirituality.Working with hundreds of people, she has become very aware of how people react to each other and events. Her continuous quest has been to understand herself and others and how we interact to establish our perceived reality.

Verlaine was invited to travel to Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Bali, Italy, and France and across the U.S. to teach spiritual growth and self-empowerment and is author of four books. She also edited and published a 400-page, 11- awards-winning, fantasy, adventure, novel, “Portals in Time:  The Quest for Un-Old-Age” by John Teressi. And a gift book by Teressi called, “The Alchemy of the Seven Harmonies.”

Tell me more about your latest book

My latest book, “Emotional Healing:  Experience Balance and Self-Empowerment in an Age of Rapid Change” emphasizes that you have the power to change your mind and experience a renewed sense of clarity. You can gain the confidence, and self-empowerment necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing world. The key to peace of mind is learning to release the past, relax about the future, and enjoy the present moment without stress or worry.

Emotional Healing begins with the discovery of the real you, what you believe, and how to establish emotional balance. It is helpful to become aware of the beliefs that activate your fears, which are the basis of all negative emotions, including worry, anxiety, and stress.

It is fear that creates imbalance in your life. Fear influences the state of your health, relationships, career, and blocks and camouflages future opportunities. Obviously, we must learn to deal with our fears.

In the Emotional Healing book, you will find easy-to-use tools, which will help reduce stress and anxiety and release memories of loss and pain. You will learn how to forgive yourself and others, and gain a new perspective on life. The section about the “The Four Cornerstones of Life” provides a balance point to expand your well-being, and the “Ten Steps to Self-Empowerment” will begin the journey to recharge your life.

What was the most challenging aspect of writing this book?

The most challenging aspect of writing “Emotional Healing” was going through my own emotional ups and downs during the lockdown for the Pandemic that started in March 2020 and will continue through the end of the year and beyond in Los Angeles County, CA.

Luckily, I live with wonderful partner, and we have endured this isolation together, but there have been times when tempers have been short. We have watched terrible wildfires, political riots and protests, and in our own home a bathroom flooded into the den and one of the bedrooms as we were remodelling the house. The flood was fixed, but the remodelling had to stop when the Pandemic started. I needed to use the techniques and visualizations that I was writing about to help me through this tremendous emotional upheaval that has included the craziest presidential election we have ever witnessed in the U.S.

What is your normal procedure to get your books published?

I self-publish with KDP and place the book on I have my own publishing company called High Castle Publishing.

Do you view writing as a kind of spiritual practice?

Yes, I view writing as a kind of spiritual practice and allow the words and visions to come through my consciousness. Often it feels as if I am taking dictation from another Dimension, especially when I am writing poetry.

How many books have you written so far?

The other books I have written include:

  • “Ending the Battle Within:  How to Create a Harmonious Life by Working with Your Sub-Personalities.”
  • “Daughter of God:  Angelic Messages of Wisdom and Love”
  • “The Heart of Transformation and the Butterfly Effect”

What’s the best way to market your books?

I have marketed on Facebook, Amazon,, Independent blog posts,, entered contests, and much more.

How hard or easy is it to establish and maintain a career in writing?

I find it is very difficult to maintain a career in writing. When I was able to travel and speak to groups and lead workshops, it was much easier. I am planning to do a podcast in the near future so that I may reach more people and develop more interest in what I have to share with others.

What is your advice for aspiring writers?

My advice to aspiring writers is do it if you love writing. From my observation, it appears that authors/workshop leaders do well when they write about how other people can make money, such as how to do a podcasts or how to publish and market your book or it they write about almost any way that people might make money.

Publishing is a crazy business and there are so many people putting out books that you really need to do extensive marketing in order to be seen over the crowd and sell books. It helps to do writing on various blogs, join social media groups that reach book readers. It especially helps if you are famous or infamous and have a huge following.

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