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Heaven in a Wild Flower by John Broughton

Heaven in a Wild Flower by Author John Broughton is a wonderfully written historical tale.

It is also the first book in the trilogy that follows the life and adventures of Aella, a Saxon leatherworker in 7th century Britain, who crosses paths with Saint Cuthbert, and who inspires the young man.

With a total of 224 pages, Heaven in a Wild Flower is beautifully written, capturing the simplistic and pastoral lifestyle of 7th century Britain, and not without adventures and battle scenes and near misses with death.

The story is told from Aella’s perspective, and through his eyes we see the immense detail, love and passion he puts into his work to create a masterful composition of the life and the miracles of Saint Cuthbert. In a day and age where we can print a book in just minutes, this story reminds us just how much dedication was required to create just one or even a handful of books.

A very recommended book and worthwhile read. Heaven in a Wild Flower has a lot going for it, good characters, and a decent plot. I literally read it in two sittings.

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