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Sam the Sneezing Scarecrow by Amanda Kidd

Sam the Sneezing Scarecrow by Author Amanda Kidd is an adventure kids book. Infact this book comes from the creators of ‘Ellie and the Cupcakes’ by the same author.

Sam the Sneezing Scarecrow book has a sweet story about an adorable scarecrow with an unusual problem: he is allergic to feathers!
I literally enjoy this book and Sam’s character on his adventures and mishaps in this heart-warming tale about self-discovery, acceptance, courage and friendship.

With a total of 16 pages, this book has a rhyming story and bright colourful illustrations that accompanied it. I loved how the Author – Amanda Kidd incorporated unique things to look for at the end, as at the end this book offers activities for the young readers. Actually real cool fun activities for all.

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