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SAI: Secret Agents of the IlluminaRti

SAI: Secret Agents of the IlluminaRti by Author Celeste Stacy is a science fiction novella.

This books story plot is about people from another world that have lived on Earth for thousands of years. They are policed by Black Queen and her motley team, the SAI, who seek to keep the four factions from breaking out into all-out war without causing too much mayhem themselves. Thus, her goal is consolidating her power and reuniting with her damaged battle station, the Blackstar, in the asteroid belt. But first, she must get her new team up to speed.

With a total of 78 pages and published by Mocol Media Publishing, I surely recommend this book. SAI: Secret Agents of the IlluminaRti is a quick read book. I liked the way that Celeste took time to draw each reader into her characters.

This book also offers a captivating and refreshing story. Being it is a sci-fi book, in the beginning of its story, this book makes a reference to a famous sci-fi/opera movie.

This book is highly recommended to anyone enjoying imaginations as it really puts this entire story together.

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