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Love, Marriage, Divorce & Growth: A poem anthology by Shemique Blair

Love, Marriage, Divorce & Growth by Author Shemique Blair is a collection of poetry inspired by the personal experiences and life transitions she has both encountered and endured. By nature, Author Shemique often reflects on the lessons to be learned from each decision, occurrence or happenstance that follows her life.

This book was born out of such an introspection and its purpose is to enlighten and inspire others to also reflect on their own lives. The book is divided into four sections 1) Love, 2) Marriage, 3) Divorce and 4) Growth to help categorize the poems.

An educator and poet, Author Shemique Blair offers creative, inspirational, and thought-provoking life lessons based on her own personal journey through poetry.

In this collection of poetic writings, readers explore memories of first love, commitment, relationship building, heartbreak, forgiveness and personal growth.

With a total of 43 pages and published by Tellwell Talent, I really enjoyed this book as I got through different life stages of life – Love, Marriage, Divorce & Growth.

I highly recommend this book to any reader to enjoys smart, character driven books. I literally could not put this book down! It tells a truly beautiful and authentic love story that is fantastically written.

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