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Interview with Author Esther Amunga Kemoli

Author Esther Amunga Kemoli is a vibrant, compassionate, strategic, and outgoing woman. I am a mom (aka ‘mama in chief!’), author, motivational speaker, trainer, events planner, thinker, world traveler who loves interacting with people from diverse backgrounds, and multicultural settings. I am an American Citizen, who migrated from my native country, Kenya, and reside in Michigan. I am passionate about living her life to make a difference, sharing my story to inspire others, and use all my talents while I am well and alive on this planet.

I love to inspire, motivate, lead, coach, and teach others to live with intentionality, be resilient in adversity, and wear a smile to brighten someone’s day.

My life is summed as follows: “If we are all part of a larger picture, then we must not harm others because we will be harming ourselves. We must not exploit because we will be exploiting ourselves. My awareness of these responsibilities creates my value system. I am considerate, caring, and accepting. Certain of the unity of humankind, I am a bridge-builder for people of different cultures. Sensitive to the invisible hand, I can give others comfort that there is a purpose beyond our humdrum lives.” (extract from my results from a recent Gallup Strengthfinder assessment).

I have a one-year graduate degree in Public Relations and a Bachelor of Education (Honors) degree with a specialization in English and Literature. My slogan is “If not me, then who? Make your life count for something”.

Tell me more about your latest book

Makenna, The World Traveler series offers great conversation starters in classrooms, living rooms, and playgrounds. The purpose of this book series is to give children an appreciation of the global village in which we live. In the many attempts to encourage embracing diversity, we see children of America introduced to other cultures through Makenna, a young girl born to an immigrant family from Kenya, as she travels to all the continents. Makenna is excited to get ready for an African Safari and has very many questions even before she makes her first trip that will be full of adventure! This book for children ages 5-10 is both entertaining and a great educational resource, with a “Let’s Learn Swahili” section of the book, a world map to color, and another world map to guide discussions.

It is my hope that as children and parents read the book, they will gain knowledge of the beauty of our different cultures and through that exposure they will:

· Be informed that we don’t have to be prejudiced against anyone;
· Eradicate the myths and stereotypes that we have about places we haven’t seen;
· Intentionally decide to make friends with people from other cultures to enhance and celebrate diversity.

Did you ever have a rough patch in writing?

Yes, it took me more than 5 years to self-publish Makenna, the World Traveler. Editing the manuscript, conducting focus groups to test its relevance and marketing the book are the hardest bits.

What is your normal procedure to get your books published?

I have self-published my books. I make a draft, write an outline, develop the story, edit the manuscript, send a brief to my illustrator, review and approve illustrations, send manuscript and illustrations to a page layout expert, review the mock book draft, register the ISBN and copyright, review again, send the completed copy to the printer.

Do you view writing as a kind of spiritual practice?

Yes and No. Yes, because I believe that the content I write is inspired by my faith, values and beliefs. No, because writing is a skill that everyone should practise regardless of their spirituality.

How many books have you written so far?

  • A Peace Builders Kids Handbook
  • Makenna, the World Traveler Series: Ready for an African Safari

What’s the best way to market your books?

  • Social media promotions
  • Author speaking engagements at schools, colleges, libraries and family events.
  • Bloggers reviewing and speaking about my book.
  • Mainstream media features in newspapers and talk shows, podcasts etc.

You don’t have to be a writer in order to be an author – how true is that?

Everyone has a story to tell…and so they need to write their story. Everyone has something that they are passionate about and it needs to be written.

What is your advice for aspiring writers?

Keep writing even when it gets tough! It is hard work to write and put a book together and then sell it…but don’t give up. Get a good editor and make sure that the print quality of your work is excellent. Know who your target audience is and keep that in mind as you develop your book. Marketing your book is the hardest part —invest in your market research and develop a good selling strategy.  Believe in your own work and be passionate about  it before you ask others to buy it.

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  1. Jean A Newton says:

    I love everything about this book! I enthusiastically recommend it to libraries and to parents for their children. It prepares you for a thorough look at a culture few American children know much about, in an endearing and stepwise manner, just perfect for a child in primary school! Don’t miss out on a chance to get this book into your library or personal collection!

  2. Portia Fields-Anderson says:

    So glad your journey now allows you to begin a new journey. Love you and love your spirit.

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