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Eversoul the Secret by Gary Dickerson

Eversoul the Secret by Author Gary Dickerson is a fantasy book with a theme that ties around the concept of how often we lie to protect those we love and the cost it extracts from our relationships.

Eversoul the Secret has been growing in the back of Author Gary Dickerson’s mind for a long time.

With a total of 13 chapters, the book’s story plot is about Jack who discovers he has been lied to all his life. Now those that lied to him need his help. Without Jack the prophets say the cause is lost. Around every corner Jack finds more lies than the last. Does he forgive them and join them against the evil, or walk away from it all or join the other side?  It is a task to decide truth from lies even from his sister Cassandra, and his dead mother.

Overall, a highly recommended fantasy novel and I would definitely be looking forward to more books by Author Gary Dickerson.  I was so completely hooked with this story and absolutely loved the main characters.

More information about Author Gary Dickerson and all his books on https://www.facebook.com/Gary-Dickerson-309271286310591/ or  https://gpdickersonauthor.wordpress.com/ 

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