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Trahison Why Weren’t We the Chosen Ones by Anjunette Washington

Trahison Why Weren’t We the Chosen Ones by Author Anjunette Washington is a mysterious book full of life’s lessons, and an emotional roller coaster.

With a total of 416 pages and published by Page Publishing Inc, I really enjoyed this book as Author Anjunette Washington educated us on relationships and the consequences of deceitful choices.

This book’s story plot is about Davidson family. It’s a book full of surprises, with complex characters that had you riveted to the pages rooting for some and anticipating the demise of others. There were so many lies in the relationships. The cost for wrongdoing was hefty for many of the characters.

Although this was a very long read book, I still enjoyed it. It is a page turner that is well written and with a great story behind it as well. I was so completely hooked with this story and absolutely love the main characters.

Overall a very good book and I would definitely be looking forward to more books by Author Anjunette Washington.

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  1. Anjunette L Washington says:


    I am so full of smiles right now. My goal was for the reader to have a good time and embrace some of the characters. My next manuscript is with page design and I look forward to sharing with the reader. I promise that this book will not be as lengthy .

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