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The Village Narcissist by Glenis Kellet

The Village Narcissist by Glenis Kellet is a creative murder-mystery tale.  It was inspired to be written by the same author as she lived in a few villages. There is generally someone who wishes to take over everything; so Glenis Kellet thought she would take it to the extreme and turn the village in the book; upside down!

The fictitious villager’s characters play a colourful and humorous part in this book – bringing the small village to life – it’s a gripping murder mystery, injecting the gruesome, spine-chilling history of this remote village into its final sinister twists and turns different.

This book’s story plot is about a body that is found hanging from a noose made from a bell rope! Is this just the start of things to come?  The deceptively quiet remote village is shattered after a brazen obnoxious outsider purchases The Old Vicarage – strange disappearances occur. It wasn’t until the gruesome village history was revealed – that the baffled police could solve the chilling mysteries connected to the bell tower.

I really found this book brilliant and fantastic as its plot keeps you guessing to the end.  I literally could not put this book down.  Anyone who reads it will not be disappointed.  I really got to experience the story along with the villagers and the detectives who finally solved the mystery in this book.

All in all, this book The Village Narcissist will appeal to all sorts of readers.  It is a fast and fun read book.  I could see that the author created an elaborate rollercoaster of twists and turns; leaving readers wanting more after each chapter.

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