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Interview with Author Shemique Blair

Shemique Blair is an educator, writer, and narrator. Born on the sunny, beautiful island of Jamaica, she moved to Canada with her family at the age of nine. The middle child of five siblings, she penned stories and poems for personal enjoyment.  An educator by profession, she works to make a difference in the lives of those she encounters.

In 2020, Shemique Blair published her first poetry book, Love, Marriage, Divorce & Growth: A poem anthology. Writing is a passion that she uses to share her narrative with others. She is an avid reader who still believes in true love and romance. Shemique Blair lives in the northern regions of Ontario, Canada, with her indulgent cat and her loving partner. She is currently working on a debut romance novel to be released in late 2021.

Tell me more about your latest book

Love, Marriage, Divorce & Growth: A poem anthology is a collection of poetry inspired by the personal experiences and life transitions I have both encountered and endured. By nature, I often reflect on the lessons to be learned from each decision, occurrence or happenstance that follows my life. This book was born out of such an introspection and its purpose is to enlighten and inspire others to also reflect on their own lives. The book is divided into four sections 1) Love, 2) Marriage, 3) Divorce and 4) Growth to help categorize the poems.

What was the most challenging aspect of writing this book?

The most challenging aspect of writing this book was delving into emotions to convey the authentic perspective within the poetry. As with all things in life, there is joy and pain. Allowing myself to honestly reveal those moments for others to read was both challenging but also, fulfilling.

What is your normal procedure to get your books published?

As this is my first published book, I have found that a mix of both self-publishing and working with an established publisher for distribution purposes, to be a satisfactory method. The self-publishing options allow me control over the design and content while distribution networks of a major publisher help me to get my book into the hands of readers.

Do you view writing as a kind of spiritual practice?

I think that writing can be a form of cathartic release and provide an escape from the stresses of everyday life.

How many books have you written so far?

I have written one published book so far: Love, Marriage, Divorce & Growth: A poem anthology

What’s the best way to market your books?

The best way to market my book is by utilizing social media platforms online such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.

How hard or easy is it to establish and maintain a career in writing?

I think that with a bit of determination, research, and initiative it is not difficult to establish a writing career. Maintaining that career depends on a person’s commitment.

What is your advice for aspiring writers?

My advice to aspiring writers is, do not be afraid to explore your creative space. Believe in yourself!

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