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Interview with Author Anjunette L. Washington

Author Anjunette L. Washington goal is to be an accomplished writer. She is seeking to live in a world where a person’s gifts, talents and hard work are met with unlimited opportunities. She’s an accountant by profession and a writer by passion. When she is not writing or developing fascinating characters which is rare, she can be found reading, working out, watching sports or travelling the world. She is the author of Trahison : Why Weren’t We the Chosen One? and the upcoming masterpiece: Chablis: I Can Now Breathe.

What was the most challenging aspect of writing this book?

I am far from being rich so finding the appropriate amount of money to fund my budget for publishing and marketing can be challenging.

What is your normal procedure to get your books published?

Due to the corona virus the process is taking a little longer. Typically if your manuscript is accepted by a publisher. The process can take roughly twenty four months or less. Now self publishing is based on the writer and the budget that they have allocated for their success.

What would you like readers to take away from reading your book/s?

I am an advent reader of many genres and prefer that over countless things outside to do other then travelling. I enjoy suspense, crime and mysteries. My characters will use all of their senses to survive a bad situation and even have some fun. My goal is to humanize my characters both bad and good which makes for an interesting read.

How many books have you written so far?

Trahison: Why Weren’t We the Chosen

Chablis: I Can Now Breathe… is currently in page design.

The Neu: Silent Threat…will be submitted to the publisher during 2021

As an author, do you prefer the traditional book or online version? Why?

My book(s) will be on all platforms because I have to accommodate many readers and their chosen way to escape through reading. However, my personal preference is a hard back book. I enjoy holding the writers finish work and occasionally making notations.

How hard or easy is it to establish and maintain a career in writing?

In event that your goal is to possibly make movies or become a speaker then align yourself with those that can help you. Many writers will not see the cinema or be in front of an audience but they still have a story to be told.

What is your advice for aspiring writers?

Whatever your genre might be please always write. Never allow people to dictate to you about what is right or wrong with what you’re trying to embark upon. If you find that you are around negative forces trying to command your gift release yourself from them. There are millions of readers just waiting for your written word. No matter where you are writer. The book can be translated in any language for the most part.

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