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I Had A Secret for Seventeen Years by Tori Shaw

I Had A Secret for Seventeen Years by Author Tori Shaw is her first published book.  This book is the redemptive life story of Tori Shaw herself, centered around her abortion as a teenager. She spent years covered by guilt and shame while enduring continual abandonment and rejection.

It tells her life story, but is centered around the abortion she had as a teenager.  Tori never intended to publish this story, but she had so many people ask when she would be writing a book, so she decided to.

Her story is hard a one, but also one of hope. She hopes that this book educates readers on abortion, but also that it encourages readers to trust God, even with the darkest aspects of our lives, because He is faithful to bring beauty from brokenness. 

With a total of 134 pages, I Had a Secret for Seventeen Years – most challenging aspect of writing this book was walking back through each part of her story with very open eyes, in order to share the specifics. Tori spent years and years pushing memories away and worked hard to avoid thinking about her past at all. So, purposefully digging through those old memories and emotions was difficult – though she believes it brought more healing for her.

I really enjoyed this book.  It gives out a clear statement that childhood experiences taught the author to hide hardship, so she silently dealt with depression, fear, anxiety, self-loathing, and addictions. After hiding her dark secret for seventeen years, Tori shares her story with the world. A big applause to this.

Really recommend this book as the author draws you in with her very personal style of writing. It’s the same like when you’re hearing from a long-time friend who wants to open up and share.

All in all, this is a great book for any one who has had an abortion and in need of healing. Also for all those readers who have not had an abortion.

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