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Falsely Accused of the Unthinkable by Glenis Kellet

Falsely Accused of the Unthinkable by Author Glenis Kellet is a murder mystery, thriller – fiction novel, enveloped in a romance: A man on the run and a distraught woman are both escaping very different unjust circumstances. Fate brings the pair together – ironically the injustices they suffer conclude in the same dramatic final twist!

With a total of 200 pages and published by UK Book Publishing, I simply enjoyed how this book started out. From the beginning I could observe that the main character was seeking justice.  Falsely Accused of the Unthinkable moves at a fast and gripping pace.

The book’s story plot continues by at first it seemed all the odds were against him, but he never gave up hope that he would be able to right the wrongs he’d been put through, and in the end to have a normal life again. 

The characters and their interactions with one another frequently and unexpectedly grabbed my emotions; taking me on a journey of which I won’t soon forget. The excitement and suspense could not put the story down.

I really recommend this book – Falsely Accused of the Unthinkable to everyone as it has many twists and turns.  Literally read this book at one go.

A highly recommended book and anyone who loves a great mystery will be hooked after the first page. Buy your copy from https://www.amazon.in/Falsely-accused-unthinkable-Glenis-Kellet/dp/191317932X

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