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Erika and the Skeleton Staff by Hazel Walshaw

Erika and the Skeleton Staff by Author Hazel Walshaw is a book for kids ages from 7 to 9 year olds. It is a chapter book with amazing illustrations by Ruksandra Şerbănoiu.

The book’s story plot is set in a school on a snow day, where Erika has heard rumours of a skeleton staff when the teachers can’t get to school. Erika sets out to discover if they are real skeletons and makes a creepy discovery. It’s a slightly spooky, but ultimately humorous romp where Erika discovers that the skeleton staff are not what she expected. A lot of fun can be had when you combine skeletons with a snow day!

When Erika and her friends discover a skeleton in one of the classrooms, her worst fears seem to be coming true.  This is going to be a school day like no other. One that Erika and her friends will never forget.

With a total of 118 pages, I really found this book – Erika and the Skeleton Staff interesting even though I am an adult, let alone for kids.  Highly recommend!

This book’s writing is beautiful and the storyline simple and very character driven.  I adored it and highly recommend this beautiful story.  I literally read it in two sittings. Be sure to buy your book copy from

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  1. Hazel says:

    Thank you for the review! Glad you enjoyed the story!

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