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A Castle of Doomsday by Michael Kramer

A Castle of Doomsday by Author Michael Kramer is historical fiction closely based on facts and it is also the story of the castles inside the city walls of York.

This book includes a total of four coloured pictures.  It is also the story of the two castles within the walls of York. Both of them were built by William the Conqueror. The castles he built in York were at Baley Hill and also the York Castle near the city walls. After he had these built to secure his rear, William subjugated the north of England using a “Black Earth” policy and hanged many women, men and children in order to try to make the English people obey his will. However, there were many rebellions. Some of these were led by Hereward the Wake. He and his followers attacked and burned down both of the castles that William had built in York and he then began systematic robbing of Norman tax collectors.

One of Bailey Hill and the other one was York Castle. Its keep has since become known as “Clifford’s Tower”. both castles were originally constructed of timber. They were burned down by the people of York and their Danish Viking allies.

Richard the First was the son of Henry II and gained fame by his courage, becoming known as Richard the Lionheart. He presided over the apparent ‘Massacre of the Jews’ at the keep of York Castle in 1190. That resulted in fire which burned the keep, and it was replaced with a new construction, again of timber. During a storm in 1228 the York Castle was demolished. It was replaced with the stone structure which is still there today. The people around york became calling it “Clifford’s Tower” after the hanging of Baron roger de Clifford for treason in 1322 A.D.

With a total of 256 pages, A Castle of Doomsday is a journey through the history of England from the reign of Edward the Confessor through to King Edward II who was the son of Longshanks, the Hammer of the Scots!

I liked the fact that about third of this book is to do with the man upon whom the adventure of Robin Hood is based.  Robin Hood never existed – but Hereward the Wake did !

This book is ideal for all those readers who have a passion for history.  It’s nice to get to know other places history from a book without the need to travel.

I liked the fact also that A Castle of Doomsday was written with a decent plot that is a little different from the usual history books.  This is simply a brilliant book for all history lovers.  I really recommend this book.

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  1. Thank you, Ramona, – a brilliant review! Kind regards – Michael G Kramer OMIEAust.

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