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Shy Anger by Kelsey Banerjee

Shy Anger by Author Kelsey Banerjee is a poetry book collection divided into three parts – logos, pathos, and ethos – and explores identity, agency, depression and joy. Intertwined are images and experiences across culture, history, and spirituality as the wanderer and narrator search for their own voices.

With a total of 116 pages, any reader should be prepared to argue with some of the poems and ponder about the others in quiet meditation as this book will make you think deeply.  This collection deals with a number of topics, but ultimately it is a reflection on anger and how we deal with it.

Author Kelsey Banerjee makes heavy use of metaphor throughout the entire book, so that you stop and think about what is being said.  Shy Anger is packed with emotion – the darker ones mostly. 

I enjoyed this poetry collection book so much. I could somewhat relate to the author’s emotions and expressions of anger and acceptance. She sends a strong and passionate message from personal experiences in her spiritual search from all over the world.

It is so clear that Author Kelsey Banerjee wants to leave her readers with the feeling of power and self-awareness.  Some of her poems are cynical, sure, but she wants readers to feel more optimistic by the end of the book. Not everything needs to be dark and dreary – there are moments of magic and love, too.

I would surely recommend this book to young people exploring how prose can help them to understand their feelings, and would definitely be looking forward to more books by Author Kelsey Banerjee.

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