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Mollie’s Magical Tooth by Jana Buchmann

Mollie’s Magical Tooth by Jana Buchmann is a magical story book about an adventurous girl who has just lost her first tooth.

This book by Jana Buchmann is characterized by beautiful, adorable illustrations and simple, uncomplicated storytelling, with colourful illustrations by Lara Korotenko.

With a total of 40 pages, Mollie’s Magical Tooth is a book which tells a beautiful and magical story.

This book’s story is about Mollie who isn’t so sure if she should give her first tooth to the tooth fairy and wonders what she does with all the teeth. She wishes to meet her before she can make her decision and one night, her wish becomes true. This is the start of a wonderful adventure full of magic and imagination. She meets unicorns, leprechauns, and fairies and she will need all her creativity and imagination to help her friends and bring back happiness to Magic Land.

An interesting fact about this book is that Author Jana Buchmann started writing this book during the Corona lockdown last March.

I really liked all the colourful pictures in this book, and I highly recommend this book to all kids especially those who are about to loose their teeth.  This book has a lovely story about the tooth fairy and the importance of children’s imagination, belief and magic.

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