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Last Words by Colleen Green

Last Words by Colleen Green is a book full of gut-wrenching emotions from the point of view of Amber Milestone.  This is also Book One in the Amber Milestone Series.

This is Author Colleen Green’s first book she published herself on Amazon. The most challenging aspect of writing it was to find her style and voice as Amber in the most clear and exciting way.  

This book’s plot story is about Amber whose in love and life, she goes through drama, happiness and betrayal for a novel that will leave you turning the pages. Of course, there is a hot man Amber can’t resist. Jack Hale is rich, handsome, and he will keep the reader interested in his every move while plot twists will keep it interesting.

With a total of 218 pages, The Amber Milestone Series is a slow burn romance on the steamy side of the genre. The reader is meant to read book one and continue to book two where her journey to happily ever after continues with a new location, mobsters and more!

I truly enjoyed this book as it has such a developing story while creating tension and some suspense to all its readers.  I also found this book’s characters believable and well developed.  Surely I would be interested to see how the next books and the story plays out.

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  1. Colleen Green says:

    Thank you for my review. I hope your readers love it & buy a copy to enjoy! ♥️
    Colleen Green

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