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Interview with Author Tiesha Bryant

Tiesha Bryant is resilient, despite her upbringing in the rural town of Pittsview, Alabama, a place that lacked opportunities and advancement. She’s persistent, when statistics predicted she would be a high school dropout due to becoming pregnant at 13, she graduated in the top ten percent of her class. She’s unstoppable, as a young single parent, Tiesha continued her education receiving a bachelors and master’s degree in social work.  According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, only 38 percent of girls who had a baby before 18 have high school diplomas. She often thought that to be true, told she would not be successful and debated giving up. She became very discouraged; however, knew she had to make a better life for her daughter and herself.

In high school she founded Young Women with a Purpose, which helped students within her school and community with hardships become productive citizens. At 23, she founded We Have A Purpose Inc. (WHAP), a non-profit organization that provides prevention and intervention services to at-risk families. The organization provides services that will reinforce the well-being of young citizens and decrease the crime rate. Tiesha recently added author to her list of accomplishments. In May 2020 she released the book Imperfectly Perfect: Three Steps on the Parenthood Journey.  The book is an interactive and informational guide for new and seasoned parents alike. Partnering with her husband, Tjai Bryant, Tiesha facilitates summits that bring attention to unity and uplifting families. The couple focuses on the importance of healthy relationships and restoration of their community. They also honor men in the community with an annual awards show. Tiesha is the co-founder of her daughter’s brand “That Girl”, which spreads positivity to the youth and advocates against bullying.

Over the years, Tiesha has spearheaded many programs including a self- help support group for parents who lost a child and a psychoeducation groups for teens, to have a safe and judge free environment to discuss challenging conversations. She’s facilitated several mother and daughter dances, brunches, and conferences to strengthen the unique bonds and child abuse awareness dance competitions to raise awareness of child abuse. Tiesha uses every opportunity presented to share her story and God’s glory. She speaks at various churches, schools and community events.  She has received many accolades, including Mom Boss Award by Girl Boss, and been featured in multiple media outlets including news channels WTVM and WRBL in Columbus, Georgia, Generational Changers’ Millennial in Action, Pieces of Cobb and The Courier Eco Latino Newspaper. (Source:

Tell me more about your latest book

The book focuses on the PARENT in PARENTing. I can’t tell anyone how to be a parent, but I take honor in coaching parents on this parenthood journey. It’s an interactive book filled with resources and information whether you’re the parent of a newborn, toddler, active almost first grader, or entering those terrific teen years. Moms and dads alike can benefit from this book. Grab a pen and get ready to embrace being the best imperfectly perfect parent. The book is also used to facilitate parenting sessions.

What was the most challenging aspect of writing this book?

The most challenging part of writing the book was to make sure it was an easy read and not lengthy.

What is your normal procedure to get your books published?

This is my first book. My procedure included praying for guidance and allowing God to lead me. After getting the material written, I reached out to mothers I know to get their opinion. I then came up with the illustration for the book. After being satisfied, I sent it to my editor who finalized it all. I then published it.

What motivated you to become an author?

I knew I always wanted to be an author because I had a story to tell, but the question was what I am going to write about.  Being a parent is an adventurous journey. But by the grace of God I made it this far. Being a teen mom was never my dream, but it was definitely my reality. Pregnant at 13, mom at 14. I did it though with 3 simple steps!!! I chose resiliency over regret and I’m ok with being imperfectly perfect.  When I started this project, I thought about every intervention/ counseling session I’ve had with the many youth I serviced. I thought about how I got to the point I am in my life after being pregnant at 13.I thought about the tears I’ve seen parents shed because they really are at their breaking point. I thought about all the parents who “have it together”.   I don’t take any of my struggles or successes for granted I call it an honor and privilege.

How many books have you written so far?

I’ve written and published one book thus far.  I am writing another book that will release in Spring 2021.

She believes that achieving success is not always easy, but hard work and determination is mandatory.”


I prefer traditional books. I like tangible items that I can hold, mark in, and collect on my book shelf.


This journey is just starting and I’m excited for what God has in store for me.     


Trust God every step of the way. I truly believe anyone can exceed in life with hard work and determination. You have a story to tell, the world is waiting on you.

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  1. Tracey Tate says:

    I’m so proud of you and your success. Let Jesus lead you and you trust the process. Your testimony is so inspiring. I pray an abundance of blessings upon you and your family. This book is awesome, short, simple and encouraging.

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