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‘Echoes of My Clan’ by Rocio Vargas Herrera

Echoes of My Clan by Author Rocio Vargas Herrera is an interesting, dynamic, and entertaining novel that is worth reading.  This novel can literally stir each reader emotions with the deepest sorrows, but also can easily elevate the readers mood to a sweet one.

I really liked this book’s plot which is wonderfully structured. It takes the reader through a difficult period of Europe’s modern history and especially tough for Spain.  It is an eye opening story, one that reveals the rich, full of values and often misunderstood, tradition of the Spanish gypsies.

Been around the world quite often myself, I have always been fascinated and curious by the gypsies way of life. Thus Echoes of My Clan gave me a better vision of this lifestyle.  Started reading it with great interest, and could not put the book down until I finished the last page.

Also all the endearing characters in this book pull us into their story and show the best and worst of humanity.

With a total of 330 pages and published by Alexandria Publishing, in her book – Author Rocio Vargas Herrera has managed to clarify many doubts about the feelings and way of thinking of the gypsies. Her agile, eloquent and easy to read pen takes us by the hand through the experiences and sufferings of the main character; first as a girl who must live in the world of the whites, away from her clan, and then as an adult woman during the terrifying times of the Second World War, including the repressive era of Franco in Spain.

Their indomitable character and sense of responsibility shape their path and catch us from the beginning.

I really recommend Echoes of My Clan, as this book has something for everyone that reads it. 

Buy your copy from  https://www.amazon.com/Echoes-my-Clan-Gypsys-Story-ebook/dp/B07CJ12B2Y

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