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‘Dragon Dream’ by Elena Van Peborgh

‘Dragon Dream’ is a fantasy adventure debut novel by Author Elena Van Peborgh.  She wrote this book over a spam of approximate four years.

The book’s plot is about an adventure story about a 14-year-old shape-shifter girl, Tatiana. Her dream is to be a dragon in a world where she can choose anything but that. She’s the stubborn daughter of two shifters; a bear and a lynx, and it’s time for her to choose what kind of shifter she wants to be. Only, she doesn’t like the available options. She wants to be a dragon. When her parents chastise her for her dreams, she escapes to a place of solace where she meets Jon, a sheltered wolf shifter who instantly becomes her best friend in the world. But he isn’t as trustworthy as she thinks, and a depression will lead her on a journey to a druid that may have the answers to what she seeks, what she has always wanted.

With a total of 454 pages and published by Hydra Productions Online LLC, ‘Dragon Dream’ explains clearly the development of Tatiana and the vibrant world the author has developed herself in this book.

Overall, it is a fun, easy and beautiful book full of world fantasy. I truly recommend ‘Dragon Dream’ as it consists of a fantastical ride of danger and adventure which surely awaits the reader in this book’s story plot.

I really recommend this book as Elena Van Peborgh book is sure to grab attention.

Buy your copy from https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B087N6R1C5

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