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‘Distant Lovers’ by COREY Palmer, Ena Alese

Distant Lovers is a book co-written by Corey Palmer and Ena Alese.  It is all about love between two souls.

With a total of 27 pages, Distant Lovers plot is about the heat felt between two souls in search of a passionate love match. While reading this book, one can enjoy the flirtatious mix of lust and deep emotion which come all together in this book.

This short book consists of 25 well written poems.  I loved this book a lot as it narrates the kind of love that keeps two souls connected until the end of their lives.  true love comes with moments you feel you can defy gravity. 

True love comes in pairs. The same love and affection shown to you should be what you give back. It is definitely possible to love someone more than they love you.

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