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‘Clarity to Create – Transforming Burning Desires into Powerful Births’ by Ruth Saw

‘Clarity to Create – Transforming Burning Desires into Powerful Births’ by bestseller Author in Australia – Ruth Saw is a book about Christian Inspiration, Christian Faith and Christian Leadership.

Author Ruth Saw is on a mission to invite all women, to join her to dance with Jesus, to allow Him to lead and create with Jesus, to birth forth dreams that could change themselves and the world.

Being a Christian myself, I really enjoyed reading this book as much as I know Author Ruth Saw enjoyed writing it. While reading, I realized she has such a deep, authentic relationship with the Creator and invites each reader to have one too.

This book is very encouraging and everyone should focus to create our future brighter. It explains a beautiful encounter of an intimate dance with Jesus. Every woman wants to be loved and find intimacy. In this book, Ruth has shown us how to do that , even if you are single. Intimacy with Jesus brings great rewards and the desires of your heart.

In this book ‘Clarity to Create’, Ruth Saw shares her personal story as a single and the beauty of partnering with Jesus to birth more “children” than just physical offspring by unpacking Isaiah 54:1-5 and the Song of Songs.

Everyone who reads this book will discover: Why we are all born to create—single or married; Insights from inspiring women of the New Covenant; 5 simple keys to enjoy intimacy with Jesus and How to feel liberated and confident to be exactly who you are created to be!

With a total of 244 pages, this book will expand your vision, your destiny and your heart. I really recommend this book – “Clarity to Create”.

Not only you’ll invest in a precious lifelong book, but also you’ll get a bonus meditation track and declarations available from the author herself. Simply join Facebook Group “Clarity to Create” after your purchase to request for it.

The Bonus gift includes: Meditation Preparation Track (4mins), Meditation Exercise; Dancing with Jesus track (12mins) which facilitates you to come into the presence of Jesus and to listen from Him directly; Daily Declaration Template. To maximise your meditation experience, please read the preface of the book first. Then listen to Meditation Preparation track to understand Christian Meditation before you find a quiet corner to do your meditation exercise.

Buy your copy from https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/54757863-clarity-to-create—transforming-burning-desires-into-powerful-births  or https://www.amazon.com/CLARITY-CREATE-Transforming-Burning-Powerful-ebook/dp/B08DZ4G5CX

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