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‘Came Back For You’ : latest single released by Dr LYNN in collaboration with ONE VOICE MALTA

Dr LYNN came back with a message of hope and solidarity. The lyrics of the song relate to a process which connects individuals to something higher. A sense of transcendence experience in spirituality. She has collaborated with lyricist Richard Rogers on this version of the song as she had originally composed and written Came Back herself. This connection has inspired DrLYNN to keep searching for answers and look ahead to be of better service in the Community. 

Dr LYNN released ‘Treading of Eggshells’ earlier this year. Since then she has been observing how people react to difficult situations in life. Earlier in life she has been through many hardships herself and in her daily professional work as an advocate, she makes her utmost to provide support to the most vulnerable persons she meets.

By practising Music and the Arts DrLYNN has managed to express her feelings in the most serene and productive way. She encourages people, especially the vulnerable who are restricted to perform outdoor activities, to dedicate more time on projects which empower their mental health and their personal development. Through education DrLYNN has acquired the necessary skills to overcome circumstances which she describes as being complex and at times even painful.

‘Nothing in life comes easy’. Dr LYNN found that inner strength is the key to overcome any obstacle.

Today Dr LYNN is an established advocate, specialised in Civil, Child Protection and International Law. Yet, her unique expression in the Arts is an intrinsic characteristic of  Dr LYNN. Her piano playing is distinctive. During this epidemic she has kept herself busy at the piano composing new musical material while in her profession she remains focused on giving a voice to the people.

Watch ‘Came Back for You’ music video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ye9S6O0xY8&feature=youtu.be

For more updates and information log on https://www.facebook.com/DrLYNN.mt/

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