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Burning Desire – Part 1 by M.L. Stark

‘Burning Desire – Part 1’ by M.L. Stark is the beginning of a trilogy of a heated and dangerous love story that closely depicts a real-life event. 

The author has published under the pseudonym M. L. Stark. For the past ten years, she wanted to write a book about life, from being born to becoming an adult woman.

This book’s plot is a fiction which focuses on Mary, a fragile and well-established wealthy woman who was charmed by a charismatic doctor, Drake L. Bates. At first he was inappropriately flirting with her, at his clinic, then it unfolds, to something unexpected. He won her compassion with his enormous intellect and glimmering charm, and something vastly magical happened around him. Mary begins a passionate romance with Drake. Little will she know, she will fall into his deception as Mary gets deeper into the power of the calculating, shady Drake. Their life seemed blissful on the outside, but behind Drake’s malicious plan, it was chilling. Calculating and eagerly he attempts at the early stage to seek financial benefit he could profit from. He preys on Mary as he knows she has a lot of damage on her self-esteem suffering from insecurity, as her lifespan is a petrifying mess. Drake strikes with his vile control into Mary’s vulnerability and emotionally misuses her to the last drop, without any empathy or remorse. The dangerous love story moves forward with Mary struggling as Drake chillingly, psychosocially torments her until she is distressed, abandoned and powerless in her misery! Refusing to leave him, his constant mental abuse led her to the edge of driving her mad and on the edge of suicide.

With a total of 348 pages and published by Xlibris UK, ‘Burning Desire – Part 1” is so authentic.  Recommended for all readers to get a decent sense of the intense desire and the dreadful thrilling drama between the antagonist and the protagonist.

Mary’s struggle between good and evil, and a matter of life and death that will alter her life kept me hooked, turning one page to another until I read all book.   All I can say is that I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait for Part 2. 

“Burning Desire – Part 1” holds an amazing story that keeps you wanting more.

Buy your copy now from https://www.amazon.com/Burning-Desire-Psychopath-Black-Prada/dp/1984593609

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