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‘The Best Lousy Choice’ by Author Jim Nesbitt

The Best Lousy Choice by Author Jim Nesbitt is a winner of a gold medal for best crime fiction in the 2020 Independent Press Book Awards and a bronze medal in the best mystery/thriller e-book category of the 2020 Independent Publisher Book Awards. 

It is written in the raw and gritty hard-boiled American style with the soul of a classic Western.  It is a book about crime thriller and along reading I could not put this book down.  What I liked most is that each and every character in this book is well described and each character also evolved beautifully. 

With a total of 347 pages and published by Spotted Mule Press, The Best Lousy Choice, this book’s plot is about Dallas private eye Ed Earl Burch who is an emotional wreck, living on the edge of madness, hosing down the nightmares of his last case with bourbon and Percodan, dreading the next onslaught of demons that haunt his days and nights, including a one-eyed dead man who still wants to carve out his heart and eat it.

He’s deeply in debt to a shyster lawyer who forces him to take the type of case he loathes – divorce work, peephole creeping to get dirt on a wayward husband.  Work with no honor.  Work that reminds him of how far he’s fallen since he lost the gold shield of a Dallas homicide detective. Work in the stark, harsh badlands of West Texas, the border country where he almost got killed and his nightmares began.

I truly recommend this book The Best Lousy Choice, especially if you’re into mysteries, and tough dialogue.

Buy your copy today from https://www.amazon.com/Best-Lousy-Choice-Burch-Thriller/dp/0998329428

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