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‘Awake in Elysian Fields’ by Victoria J. Hyla

Awake in Elysian Fields by Author Victoria Madonado (Victoria J. Hyla) is book 3 of the Hearts Dawn Wyld Trilogy.  It was published soon after her other two books – In Death We PartRunning in the Mists.

The author’s biggest challenge in writing this book was how dark she had to go at times, both mentally and emotionally. 

With a total of 686 pages and 81 chapters, Awake in Elysian Fields focuses on the story of Elyse Brennan Wylder, a character that is alluded to during In Death We Part and introduced at the crux of the climax of Running in the Mists. This book jumps 10 years past the end of Book 2 as Elyse, now 20, embarks on a study abroad program in Paris.

Published by Author House, this book’s plot is driven by Elyse’s search to find out more about her mother who died horribly when Elyse was just a child and why and how such a woman could end up with a man so horribly abusive as her father, who has been in prison since she was seven. All Elyse has to go on is an old photograph showing her France-born mother and a man named Michel performing at a nightclub in Paris. Upon her arrival in Paris, she meets Jérôme, an artist who turns her world upside-down and leads her down a path she could never have expected. Their journey together allows her to reconnect with her mother’s past in a variety ways—many good and restorative, but some that show the darkest side of Paris and of humanity, including the realities and horrors of the sex trafficking trade. It is the darkest of the three books, but also the most fulfilling.

I literally found this book gripping, and wanted to know more what’s next.  Also the book cover is so very catchy, and the title says it all.  Thus, I really recommend Awake in Elysian Fields as it will take each reader on a full journey.

Be sure to grab your copy of Awake in Elysian Fields by Victoria J. Hyla today.

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