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‘Talon : Windsong’ by Gigi Sedlmayer

Author Gigi Sedlmayer started writing after she got diagnosed with cancer .  Surviving cancer, she was inspired to write the books for teens and children because of their peer pressure in school and at home.

Many were driven to suicide or live a depressed life, not knowing how to cope with it and be the one, she/he want to be. Her books can help them to overcome the fear and the peer pressure to do the things they like to do, and not being pushed into something they don’t like to be. 

‘Talon : Windsong’ is book 6 in the Talon series.  Whoever reads this book, will encounter more thrilling adventures with Matica and Talon.

With a total of 398 pages, ‘Talon : Windsong’ deserves a 5-star review.  It is an inspirational, engaging and thoughtful must read story. 

The book’s plot is about the poachers that are gone, and the birds are safe. Now Matica is becoming anxious thinking of the upcoming holiday to Australia – she does not want to go or leave her birds. But Talon, understanding her misery, helps to ease her mind.

With distractions all sides, Matica soon finds herself involved in current happenings – the letting go of Elcano’s ashes from the top of the Andes, and near tragedy of Crayn falling while climbing up the mountain. The condors play a vital role in saving the day.

Talon shows Matica the puma and her cubs. But things go wrong when the female puma smells them and attacks. Will they escape the big cat?

As a birthday surprise for Matica, Aikon asked the birds to fly with her for the whole day. The birds agree and the thrilling adventures she has now with near misses, the finding of old bones, snakes and spiders, Talon Windsong adventures will keep you turning the pages and on the edge of your seat.

Reading this book ‘Talon: Windsong’ made me think twice about our lives surrounding.  At the end, readers will be left with a suspense and curiosity to read next Talon book 7, This is who I am.

Be sure to grab your copy of ‘Talon: Windsong’ by Gigi Sedlmayer today.

Soon out on Amazon.

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